Thursday, March 18, 2010

What is the spiritual climate of our culture?

Lord willing this will be an ongoing post/topic which will both make some observations and ask questions of the culture in which we live. I have some ideas as to where it is going, but certainly do not know fully as of yet. A word of caution...some of what I will ponder may rub us the wrong way. That is OK, introspection is not easy...

Some scholars say all priests in the 1st century were Sadducees (other scholars say most if not all were). This is interesting to me because Sadducees did not believe in resurrection, angels, and spirits (e.g., Acts23:8). Side note, it is easy to remember this about them because since they did not believe in resurrection they were sad-you-see (Sad-u-cee). Anyway...

Since the priests were to be the mediators between God and man (cf. the Old Testament), what did this disconnect with reality (i.e., no spirits, angels, etc.) do to/for the people of the land?

Now for us today... What about religious leaders here in America? I am not saying there is a denial of angels, spirits, or resurrection...but does the teaching (or lack thereof) betray a lack of their importance...?

Hmmm...we will continue, I look forward to your feedback.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here I am again for my monthly post. Hey relax, one a month is better than one for all of I am even early this month :) Seriously though, I do plan to be blogging more in the future. My hope is even more than one post this month!!

Question - what is it that keeps us so busy? More accurately, "What are it that keeps us so busy?" (granted the English is not best ;)...but I know there is more than one thing that keeps us busy). How do you set priorities for your life?

Until next time...