Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Morning of Service

Friday night was a multi-congregational night of praise. Sunday morning was a multi-congregational morning (and early afternoon) of service. What a God-glorifying weekend :)

On Sunday four congregations in Emporia (First Congregational Church, First Christian Church, Community Church of Christ, and New Life Christian Church) got together to serve in God's name by picking up trash in Emporia. This is significant because service is another aspect of "worship". I and others look forward to more unified worship (praise AND service) in the future here in the Emporia area.

Also, a note for those who appreciate the Stone-Campbell movement...all 3 branches of the S-C Movement (called by some the Restoration Movement) were present for this worship "service" - and no quibbling over the style of worship! PRAISE GOD!!!

What else could happen in "The Church" if we continually, and humbly, tried to look at issues holistically? Perhaps an ever-increasing appreciation of and commitment to a King and His Kingdom will help...