Friday, October 3, 2014

A Return...[maybe]

It has been a while since I have blogged. In this post I will partly address a reason why I have been on hiatus. I say a reason because there are actually a handful of them. And while I will address a reason shortly, I do not foresee me sharing, and addressing, all of them. Who knows, it may happen. Yet I do not want to give the impression I am going to be blogging consistently.

As for the reason in focus right now for my blogging hiatus (haha, as if I have ever been very consistent), time is the culprit. As we know, time is a limited commodity. It seems everyone is conscious of the amount of time they spend on at least a few things in their life. This could take the form of something taking "forever" because it is not enjoyable, or passing "in a flash" because it is suddenly over (and was enjoyable). In fact, some people are conscious of how much of another's time they take up. Unless of course you are the Kansas City Royals, who apparently could care less how much of anyone's time they consume lately. Yet I have a feeling their fans don't care much either - despite a lack of sleep - so long as they keep winning.

Be those things as they are, we all have the same amount of time. Yet not all activities deserve the same share of it. While this ought to go without saying, it has a point.

Most, though not all, readers of my blog are Christians. Most, though not all, likely read other blogs as well. Sadly, if percentages on the whole in our culture were to be applied to this group, you are likely spending more time reading my blog (and perhaps another blog or two), than you will spend reading in the Bible and/or praying today.

Time. We all have the same amount of it. Some things are more important than others. So, thank you for reading, I certainly hope you continue to follow and read along in the future. But make sure you communicate with God today as well - through His word and in prayer. While I hope what I share is helpful and edifying, I need to be clear, whenever it is either of these - the Source is the One who deeply desires time with you...and He will never let you down.