Friday, April 30, 2010

A Night of Praise

I just got back from a night of praise at Hope Community Church here in Emporia. I cannot remember the exact number, but about six different groups (a combination of praise bands and bands) took turns leading whoever wanted to come in a time of praising God.

Jesus desires unity among His followers (e.g., Jn17:20-23)...and I cannot help but realize the Trinity was pleased tonight. The Holy Spirit was moving; the truth of Jesus' death - and more importantly RESURRECTION - were proclaimed; God was glorified (perceptions of Him were changed...).

I and others pray this is only the start of more visible unity among congregations in the Emporia area. There is a second half to this post - but I will wait for that until later. [To give a hint...praising God by music along with voices and raised hands is only one part of worship...]

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The "Price" of Technology?

I am not too big on all of our technological advancements. Granted, many modern inventions have made life "easier" or "more convenient" - but that is a double edged sword (and I am not going to dive into that right now). But alas, we live this side of the Enlightenment when mankind somehow "figured out" we could continually get better, solve all the world's problems, etc. Oh yeah, and we don't need God anymore either...

Obviously not everyone thinks we have no need for God...but yet we cannot escape the fact we have been programmed by our culture to turn almost anywhere except to God first. When was the last time you were sick and instead of calling the doctor you first called the elders to have them come, pray over you and anoint you with oil? Did somehow demonic possession and oppression go out of style in the first century AD? [I.e., did Satan wise up and discover that was not working?] Or have we become too educated to believe in that anymore?