Monday, February 8, 2010

Too busy to remember?

A friend and I got together today for the purpose of talking about a future sermon series. While we worked on the series, we also talked about ministry in general, prayed, and basically enjoyed each other's company (in our talking it was so amazing to see/realize how much I have changed in a few short years...more on that in later posts).

We met at basically the halfway point between where we each live and serve. During my drive back to Emporia I was struggling with thoughts of "I need to be doing something productive" while my mind was going in multiple directions at once (reply if you hear me). Among things I considered doing were spending time in prayer for people and memorizing Scripture. While I did pray mind never got settled down enough for me to delve into areas which need intense prayer right now...nor did I ever work on memorizing Scripture.

So what did I do? I allowed my mind to roam...and what a marvelous trip down memory lane it was (e.g., remembering Ellei's birth and how breathtaking and beautiful it was to watch her come into the world, to be the first to hold her...and then pray for God's blessing on her life - and yes emotions were stirred in remembering that time even as I typed just now), and what a marvelous look into possible future events it was as well (e.g., potential workings of God based on what He has done in the past).

I am so glad I "stopped" and realized I did not need to "do anything." Apparently what I needed during the drive back to Emporia was to allow myself to remember and dream. In doing so I had affirmed to me once again (among other things) how I am loved regardless of what I do...and how God desires to work in the future is completely up to Him.